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Sunset Boulevard in Field’s


At Sunset Boulevard, we believe in fast, delicious and honest food. You can choose from tasty burgers, various sandwiches with delicious fillings and inviting salads. We make the food when you have ordered it - so you always put your teeth into a freshly prepared meal. You even have the freedom to choose how it should be composed. Come by for lunch or for when you and your family are having dinner. It is also possible to order take-away food.


We prepare all our dishes according to the fifth sense of taste Umami. The taste is full-bodied, sharp and spicy at the same time, so it makes our sandwiches tasty, in addition to making them look amazing. Our success is therefore because of the fact that you get a sandwich where attention is at the details and teases your taste buds. We care a lot about this fifth sense of taste, which means that you get different taste experiences with us. We have developed our own tomato relish instead of regular ketchup - just to name one example out of several.

With us, you can also get the most delicious vegan Moroccan. The salad is a good alternative to the more traditional fast food solutions when you just need a quick lunch.

We receive daily visits from young people such as the elderly, children, families or groups of friends. We have something for everyone. In addition to our delicious food, we also have various drinks, cakes, ice cream and children's menus.


Corporate and Social Responsibility

We use 100% recycled packaging. Our position is namely less plastic, less waste and fewer unnecessary additives.



MYPLAYS is Field’s loyalty program. Remember to scan the QR-code in the store when you make a purchase. That way you earn points to redeem bonuses in Field’s.

All members of MYPLAYS can redeem one extra hour of free parking from the Information Desk.


Find Sunset

Sunset is located on level 2 in our Food Lounge. You will find Sunset opposite Milan. The nearest entrance is the main entrance from Ørestads Blvd. If you come by car, you can park near the B-tower and take the elevator or escalator to level 2.


Sunset Boulevard

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Nearest entrance :
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