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Søstrene Grene in Field's

The story of Søstrene Grene begins in Aarhus in 1973, when the couple Inger Grene and Knud Cresten Vaupell Olsen open a store, which will turn out to be a little out of the ordinary. A place where creative and curious minds can thrive. They call the store Søstrene Grene, but today the concept is also known as "Anna and Clara's wonderful world".

From the very first day, Anna and Clara invite the guest around in labyrinth-like hallways, where the cozy lighting, the classical music and the smell of raw wooden boxes help to create a very special experience for everyone who steps inside the doors. Along the aisles of the store, it is arranged that the guest's creativity can sprout when discoveries are made, and ideas run free. Most importantly, however, the hectic everyday life is left outside when the guest travels around the wonderful world of Anna and Clara.

Today, Søstrene Grene has stores in several countries around the world, and the chain is owned and operated by the second generation, the brothers Mikkel and Cresten Grene. The head office is located in Aarhus - the city where it all started - and here a whole team of Scandinavian designers and buyers work to ensure that the sisters' special Nordic element is present in all the designs that end up in the store. The ambition is that Søstrene Grene's stores will continue to offer an exquisite and innovative range, which creates the framework for good finds and experiences.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

We base our priorities on two basic principles:

1) To minimize negative impact on humans and the planet

2) To create positive effect when we can. Our four priority areas are defined by what is essential to the relationship between our company and the society and environment with which we interact.

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Find Søstrene Grene

The Grene sisters are on level 1 in the Fashion Quarter next to Tøjeksperten. The nearest entrance is the Magasin entrance from Ove Arups Vej. If you come by car, you can park near the A-tower and take the elevator or escalator to level 1.


Søstrene Grene

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Nearest entrance :
Entrance near Magasin



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