Palæo in Field's


Keep it simple - that is our motto. In Field’s Palæo you will find lots of delicious Stone Age food.

At Palæo in Field’s, we do away with the artificial and made-up meal in favor of the healthy and rustic diet. The gastronomic expression is experimented with and the focus is on what is a healthy diet at the expense of taste. Enjoy a rustic meal in Paleo’s beautiful setting in Field’s.

If the shadows are getting long after a long day of shopping in Field’s many shops, you can also take your Stone Age diet home as a take-away from Palæo in Field’s. The paleo diet has spread to the whole world - and in Denmark we have one of the most interesting and exciting cultures for paleo food. Here we are experiencing a renaissance for the local, simple and rustic ingredients. Palæo is an urban and modern interpretation of the Stone Age diet with lots of meat and vegetables - perfect to enjoy in Field's modern setting.


Corporate and Social Responsibility

On our menu, you will find a star sticker in front of everything that is organic and fair trade. In addition, we have vegan dishes. We make use of cardboard cups and recycled plastic.



MYPLAYS is Field’s loyalty program. Remember to scan the QR-code in the store when you make a purchase. That way you earn points to redeem bonuses in Field’s.

All members of MYPLAYS can redeem one extra hour of free parking from the Information Desk.


Find Palæo

Palæo is located on level 2 in our Food Lounge. You will find Palæo next to SATS. The nearest entrance is the main entrance from Ørestads Blvd. If you come by car, you can park near the B or A tower and take the elevator or escalator to level 2.




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Nearest entrance :
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