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Nespresso in Field's

The small Nespresso coffee capsules provide great enjoyment in everyday life. In Field’s you will find a Nespresso shop where you can get the popular coffee capsules. The coffee capsules are available in many different flavors. It is also possible to brew decaffeinated coffee. Go for the coffee experience you know or try new exciting flavors. There are sometimes brand new flavors, but which are only available in limited batches. Come into the store and look at the selection of coffee capsules, coffee machines and coffee accessories.

A kitchen isn’t completed without a coffee machine where you can brew quality coffee. In Nespresso in Field’s you can buy your next coffee machine, whose design and technology make it a great experience to brew coffee every single day. Put a coffee capsule in the machine and prepare your cup of coffee simply but with exquisite taste. The intensity varies and you can brew exactly the cup you like. For example, choose classic capsules with an intense coffee taste or try coffee with vanilla or caramel taste. You get many opportunities to upgrade your daily coffee experiences. With a new coffee machine, coffee capsules and accessories, you are well on your way. Get inspiration and get guidance in the store.



With us, we offer fresh tastings so we are sure you will come home with just the right taste! With us, we value customer service and customer care very highly, and always do our best to give you a good experience.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

At Nespresso you will receive a free recycling bag in the store. Return it once you have filled it with used capsules. Then we make sure that they are recycled, and that way you take care of the environment. When we recycle your capsules, we separate coffee grounds and aluminum from each other. The coffee grounds can be recycled in countless ways, and the majority turn into biofertilizer. Aluminum can be recycled 100% and infinitely. Aluminum from used coffee capsules is converted into new coffee capsules, car parts, bicycles, etc.


Remember to register your purchases from Nespresso by scanning the receipt in the FIELD'S PREMIUM app and win great prizes!

FIELD’S PREMIUM is Field’s loyalty program, and it is our way of giving something back to our loyal customers. You will here find great prizes in our draws every week and every month, and every time you scan a receipt for a purchase in Field’s, you get one ticket in the weekly and monthly draws. That is, the more receipts you scan, the greater are your chances of winning! In addition, you also get 1 extra hour free parking EVERY time you visit Field's, and then you will find great offers from our stores and partners. FIELD’S PREMIUM is our way of rewarding you as a customer of Field’s!

Find Nespresso

Nespresso is located on level 0 next to Profiloptik. The nearest entrance is the main entrance from Ørestads Blvd. If you come by car, you can park near the B-tower and take the elevator or escalator to level 0.



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Nearest entrance :
Metro entrance


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