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JumpYard in Field’s


If you love jumping, crawling and running, look forward to a world of trampolines and high heart rate! In JumpYard you will find trampolines for all ages and skill levels, the Ninja track where you can climb various obstacles like a Ninja Warrior, and a parkour track where you can practice your tricks.

JumpYard is a unique indoor adventure park that includes everything from trampolines to parkour and free running areas, dodgeball, slam-dunk and their unique Ninja track with obstacles. Here, both young and old can find challenges and activities that suit exactly their level. Whether you are a trampoline master or want to try out your parkour skills for the first time, you will find it all in JumpYard.


What is JumpYard?

At JumpYard, we believe in creating joy and fun experiences saving physical activity. Jumping on a trampoline is a fun activity with a high heart rate that suits all ages. In JumpYard, children, teenagers and parents get a shared experience that involves both laughter and joy - both on a Monday night or a Sunday morning. With its beautiful universe and fantastic atmosphere, JumpYard is a popular destination for the whole family. In other words, JumpYard is much more than a trampoline park!


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Find Jumpyard

Jumpyard is situated on the 2nd floor of the Food Lounge next to Burger King. The nearest entrance is the Metro entrance. If you arrive by car, park near the B-tower and use the lift to level 2.

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