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Highscore Arcade will offer a wide variety of games, including fun one-on-one battles like 4 in a row basketballs, precision baseball and digital bowling. There is something for everyone, whether you are Lone from HR or Morten from the sales department. There are also children's games for the youngest (from 5 years), as well as Minecraft Arcade and exciting digital Nerf guns for the slightly older ones.
Highscore Arcade in Field's is a digital experience and there are no paper tickets or coins involved. All games and 'tickets' are stored easily and conveniently on your gamecard, on which you also pay credits.
After just a few trial days, Highscore Arcade Fields has already proven that the arcade is capable of catering to a wide range of customers, from mums' groups to father-son outings and romantic cinema dates to a night out with the lads.
Highscore Arcade is part of the Norwegian concept with three arcades in Norway, and their ambition is to open more similar arcades throughout Denmark, but at the moment they are incredibly proud to be able to bring the most ambitious gaming experience to Fields, which is visited annually by over 12 million people. 

Remember to register your purchases from Highscore Arcade by scanning the receipt in the FIELD'S PREMIUM app and win great prizes!

FIELD’S PREMIUM is Field’s loyalty program, and it is our way of giving something back to our loyal customers. You will find great prizes in our draws every week and every month, and every time you scan a receipt for a purchase in Field’s, you get one ticket in the weekly and monthly draws. That is, the more receipts you scan, the greater are your chances of winning! In addition, you also get 1 extra hour free parking EVERY time you visit Field's, and then you will here find great offers from our stores and partners. FIELD’S PREMIUM is our way of rewarding you as a customer of Field’s!

Find Highscore Arcade
Highscore Arcade is located on level 2 in our Food Lounge. You will find Highscore Arcade next to the Dalle Valle. The nearest entrance is the main entrance from Ørestads Blvd. If you come by car, you can park near the B-tower and take the elevator or escalator to level 2.

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Nearest parking::
Field's parkering

Nearest entrance :
Metro entrance



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