Dhaba Kitchen in Field's
The history of the first Dhabas in India can be traced back five hundred years. Originally they were created to serve fresh and local dishes to travelers on the highly used and busy roads, but later Dhabas came to the big cities. Today, millions of people eat in the traditional Indian food stalls.Delhi and Delhi-ites are known for their insatiable appetite despite the endless variety of food. Whether you are wandering through a dense chaotic market or along the side streets of the city, the aromas of Street Food will compel you to take a closer look. Known as the street food capital, Old Delhi is also packed with food stalls. Several accounts from the eyes of visitors describe again and again the organized chaos that meets them in the middle of Old Delhi.
There exists a kind of warmth and affection that you don't feel or sense in other parts of the city. From sizzling meat eaters to freshly made naan, there is no shortage of flavor, aroma or color in the market. Spices are the most valuable currency in these small Dhabas. The Indian climate that favors the growth of spices combined with Delhi-ity's great culinary heritage make them masters of combining flavor aromas in street cuisine. The dhabas welcome people from all economic classes on every street corner. Here, Bollywood stars, sweaty rishkaw-taxa wallas, rich businessmen, students and married couples are dined around the clock. Delhi-ites go to Old Delhi and here they meet each other across the barriers. Regardless of class, religion, gender and ethnicity, it is a passionate meeting around food. Yes, in fact, we can call it a pure, historical work of art when the entire population of the city meets in and around these food stalls.
Imagine a food stall built from mud or a simple cart where a ceiling fan spins slowly – regardless of the season. And at the entrance sits a cashier. The walls are adorned with Bollywood posters and a host of family portraits. The food is typically tapas-like small dishes. Everything is homemade. And it's incredibly cheap. It is part of the food culture that you order the food for the whole table at the same time. There is no such thing as starter, main course and dessert here. All the food is served at once, and everyone is at the same table – and enjoys the food on an equal footing.
We look forward to showing you how the Dhaba works on Danish soil. So pick your own favorites from our menu card and create your own menu. Take in the taste experiences. Dream to India. Listen to your inner self and imagine the busy street corners where everyone found their lunch break. Then let our chefs bring you taste and joy from the distant parts of the world.
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Find Dhaba
Dhaba is located on Level 2 of Field's. The nearest entrance is If you come by car, you can park near the C tower and take the elevator up to Level 2.




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