Bahne in Field's

We are not a chain. We are a family of stores.

In 1965, Ellen and Jørgen Bahne moved to Slagelse to go for a walk. Or rather to invite customers to "go for a walk at Bahne" as the slogan was for Bahne Equipment & Applied Arts. A brand new store with either Ellen or Jørgen behind the counter until it could be afforded that Mrs. Harder helped out part time.

The rest is history, and it is not just about the Bahne family, but also about being in a family. For family culture has been as fundamental to Bahne as the love of design and the desire to be your own.

There are more than 50 years from "equipment & applied art" in 1965 to "design shop" in 2019. But the difference is the same. The difference between the slightly too large selection - and something a little more selected.

And here comes the personal taste into the store. At Bahne, we only have goods that we ourselves would like.

An ugly frying pan becomes no less ugly by being cheap. It also does not become more sustainable by having to be replaced in a year. And if a coral red blouse makes you less than much prettier, we suggest something else. Just as we would rather cut through and present four good knives than a selection of 20.

That is how we feel at Bahne. And maybe that's why we have more fun than most when we go to work. Because even though the original family store in Slagelse has gradually become 20 stores and the family has expanded to almost 500 employees, it is still about being its own.

That is why every Bahne store is its own family. A family that knows both the customers and the goods - and all conceivable and unimaginable combinations of the two things. And the experience is the same, whether you just want to go for a walk and be inspired, or aim purposefully like a heat-seeking missile for the perfect teapot.

At Bahne, you will meet a family that can make anyone feel at home. And that's exactly the point.



We wrap gifts all year round and can offer personal help to find exactly what you are missing. With us, we value customer service and customer care very highly, and always do our best to give the customer a good and cozy experience.


Corporate and Social Responsibility

With us, you can find lots of items with the Fairtrade Certification, gots and peta.



Remember to register your purchases from Bahne by scanning the receipt in the FIELD'S PREMIUM app and win great prizes!

FIELD’S PREMIUM is Field’s loyalty program, and it is our way of giving something back to our loyal customers. You will here find great prizes in our draws every week and every month, and every time you scan a receipt for a purchase in Field’s, you get one ticket in the weekly and monthly draws. That is, the more receipts you scan, the greater are your chances of winning! In addition, you also get 1 extra hour free parking EVERY time you visit Field's, and then you will find great offers from our stores and partners. FIELD’S PREMIUM is our way of rewarding you as a customer of Field’s!


Find Bahne

Bahne is situated on level 0 opposite Panduro. The nearest entrance is the main entrance from Ørestads Blvd. If you arrive by car, park near the B-tower and take the lift to level



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Nearest entrance :
Entrance at the Pharmacy



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