Practical services

Field’s has automatic camera registration in our car park. Read more about parking here:  

When you enter Field’s car park by car, your car is automatically registered by camera. When the camera has scanned your car, your car is automatically checked in as a parked car in Field’s and you don’t have to worry about getting a ticket or registering your payment card when entering the car park.

Before leaving the car park you have to make sure you pay for your stay in the car park. There are three ways to pay for your parking:

Payment machine in the car park lobby

Via the app “EasyPark” – please note there is a fee of minimum 4 kr. for this service

After leaving the car park by going to - this service is available for 48 hours


When parking in Field’s, you can choose to pay for your parking in one of the payment machines located at the main entrances from the car park to the shopping center. All the payment machines accept debit and credit cards and selected machines accept cash as well.

If the queue is long at the payment machine, you can always pay your parking online once you have left the car park. Go to .
You have 48 hours to pay for your parking after you leave the car park.
Failure to pay for your parking will result in an administrative fee of 200 DKK + the payment for the parking.

EasyPark is a parking app, which can be used for payment of parking at many car parks – and it can also be used when you park in Field’s. You can download the app where you usually get your apps – for instance Appstore og Google Play.

Once the app is downloaded, you register your car’s license plate number in the app together with your credit or debit card information and you will now be able to pay for your parking with the app. Please use area code “4331” when you use EasyPark to pay for your parking at Field’s.  

Your parking will automatically stop when the cameras register your car leaving the car park. Therefore, you do not have to stop the parking in the app.

Please be aware that EasyPark is a third party company and that there is an additional fee payable to EasyPark when you use the app. The minimum fee is 4 kr. per parking. All terms and conditions are in the app.

Go to
Enter you license plate number, find your car and pay for your parking using a credit or debit card. Be aware that this option is only available from you leave Field’s and for the 48 hours. After 48 hours, it is no longer possible to pay for the parking without the administration fee of 200 DKK.

If you experience any challenges with the parking system or you have any questions regarding parking, please contact ParkZone, who handles parking in Field’s.
ParkZone can be contacted by phone: +45 70 25 26 96 or on email:

Even though the car park has camera surveillance, leaving your car in Field’s car park is entirely at your own risk. Field’s does not claim any responsibility regarding accidents, theft, personal damage or other damage to the car or any equipment or items in the car.

Cars marked with a blue disabled sign and with a total height less than 2,30 meters can contact the Field’s Security on telephone: +45 32 48 44 83. Field’s Security will guide you to an outside parking area reserved for disabled visitors to Field’s, which is located near the entrance to BILKA and the other stores.


3000 parking spots in 3 levels

1st hour parking is always free

1 hour extra free parking when you join Field’s loyalty club, MYPLAYS. Remember to register your license plate at the Field’s Information Desk every time you visit Field’s to redeem you free extra hour

After your hour(s) of fee parking, you only pay 5 DKK per half hour

Maximum height for vehicles in the car park is 2,3 meters

  • Car park opening hours: Entrance is possible 5 am – 1 am (closed between 1 am – 5 am). It is always possible to exit the car park.
  • All customers to SATS Field’s can redeem 1 hour extra free parking when visiting SATS. Simply register your license plate on the iPad in the reception. This cannot be combined with one hour free for MYPLAYS members. 
  • All customers to Nordisk Film biographer Field’s (the cinema) can redeem 3 hours extra free parking when visiting the cinema. Simply register your license plate on the iPad at the entrance when leaving the cinema. This cannot be combined with one hour free for MYPLAYS members. 


1 hour: DKK 0 - 1½ hours: DKK 5 - 2 hours: DKK 10 - 2½ hours: DKK 15 - 3 hours: DKK 20 - 3½ hours: DKK 25 - 4 hours: DKK 30 - 4½ hours: DKK 35 - 5 hours: DKK 40 - 5½ hours: DKK 45 - 6 hours: DKK 50 - 6½ hours: DKK 60. After the 6th hour, the rate is 10 DKK per half hour. This can never exceed 150 DKK per 24 hours.