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Bottle Deposit Machine

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Field's now have a Bottle Deposit Machine. Opening hours is from 10 am. - 6 pm. 

The Bottle Deposit Machine has a huge lock, which make it possible for you to drop all of your bottles at one time! The machine counts all of your bottles and cans very fast – actually it counts 120   bottles in each minute!


This is how easy it is step by step:

  • Insert your payment card or “Bottle Deposit Machine-card” in the machine
  • Empty your sack with bottles and cans
  • Press the OK botton
  • Your money will be available in your bank account the next day

You can use either debit card, VISA/Danmark or a special Bottle Deposit Machine-card at the stations. It is not possible to use other payment cards than the mentioned due to money laundering. Before you start to empty your sack of bottles and cans in the lock, you have to insert your debit card or Bottle Deposit Machine-card in the machine. When finished you push the OK botton and now you can pull out your chosen card. The money from the recycling will be in your bank account the next day.


The Bottle Deposit Machine can receive empty cans and bottles with a Danish recycle tag on. You can also hand in foreign cans, but you will not receive any money in return for those, instead you will contribute to a greater and greener environment! It is import that your tags on the bottles and cans are intact, so that the system can read the tag, barcode and the shape of the bottle. You will not receive money from broken bottles and cans nor if the tags have fallen off. Remember to empty your bottles and cans before using the machine, so that it won’t be destroyed. This can ruin the experience for the next person in line. All the trash you have can be put in the bin (sacks etc.)


Read more about the Bottle Deposit Machine and get your questions answered here: >>https://danskretursystem.dk/pantstation/fields/<<



The Bottle Deposit Machine is located in the Field’s parking lot on level -2. You just have to follow the nudging from the driveway at the parking lot. You can fill your car with sacks of empty bottles.