Electric cars


On P1 and P2 you have the option of charging your electric car at Clevers charging stations which are Type 2 charging stations with up to 22kW.

The charging stations support all electric cars on the market today. As a customer, you must bring your own cable for charging from this socket, which is a Type 2 socket. Charging time: 22 kW per hour can be charged via the socket. However, it is always the car that determines how fast it charges (the car protects its own battery), therefore the charging time is different for different cars. The car that currently can charge the fastest on the stand is RenaultZoe, where a full charge takes 1-1½ hours. A car like the Nissan Leaf will take 6-7 hours for a full charge.

If you experience problems at the stands, you can always help by calling: +45 86 16 88 88 - the phone number is on the stands. Outside of Clever's opening hours, the Falck's Clever hotline answers the call. Read more on Clever's Website here.