Practical services

We look after your suitcase while you are shopping

Did you know that you can have your suitcase looked after in Field's Information while you are shopping? If you are coming directly from the airport or perhaps you made a pitstop on your way to the airport, you can easily and quickly drop off your suitcase with us for a small fee of 20 DKK. Then you don't have to lug around your heavy suitcase, and that way you have more arms available during your shopping at Field's. With Field's luggage service, you can easily and safely have your suitcase looked after while you shop or eat in the Food Lounge on Level 2.

Where do I drop off my suitcase?

You can drop your suitcase off at Field's Information on Level 1. We charge a small fee of 20 DKK for the service.

You can drop off your suitcase from 10am and pick it up again no later than 08pm the same day.
It is important that you collect your suitcase on the same day you drop it off.