sulten før koncerten? spis i field's

Hungry before the concert?

24 delicious eateries

Field’s Food Lounge is a cozy oasis with more than 20 different eateries and restaurants. In 2017, Field's won the award as "The shopping center with Denmark's best restaurants" - an award we are very proud of!

Gourmet pizza at Gorm’s

At Gorm’s, you get crispy pizzas made from either wheat flour or rye flour. You decide! The filling can be vegetarian, with thin potato slices or more traditionally with Italian meat filling. You may also be lucky enough to find Nordic-inspired pizzas with, for example, smoked cheese. No matter what you are into, you are always guaranteed an exciting taste experience. If you are not into pizza, you should instead indulge in Gorm’s homemade pasta or today’s rustic entree. Order a glass of wine and enjoy pizza and wine with friends, family or colleagues before the trip continues around Field’s or to a concert in the Arena.

Dalle Valle

In no time, Dalle Valle become super popular - and we really understand why! Here you get a fresh buffet that always abounds with a large selection of hot and cold dishes. There is therefore always something for everyone in the company. At Dalle Valle, they also make some delicious cocktails that gets one in a good mood!

Cafe Wok

Cafe Wok offers many classic Vietnamese dishes. Here you can pamper your taste buds with high quality Asian food.

Sushi Bar

If you also love sushi, make your way by Sushi Bar. Here you will find delicious gourmet sushi and sticks as well as all the best from Asian cuisine. The restaurant specializes in teppanyaki dishes made on a Japanese frying pan.

The American Restaurant & Diner

As the name suggests, The American is the place if you love authentic American food. Among other things, you can get spare ribs, steak or a juicy burger. For dessert, a real American choice could be our apple pie or brownie.

Large selection

In addition to the mentioned restaurants, you will also find Palæo, South Indian, Milan, Nachos and a large number of fast food restaurants such as Burger King and Kentucky Fried Chicken. In Field's you will find a wide selection for every taste and budget.


With 3,000 parking spaces just a few hundred meters from the Arena, Field’s is a great option if you choose to take the car to a concert or an event at the Royal Arena.

We look forward to making your concert experience even better!