Sjove aktiviteter i Field's

Fun activities in Field's

Experiences for children

BOUNCE – jump, climb and play for all active children

BOUNCE is ready to welcome anyone who loves to jump, crawl and run! Look forward to a world of adrenaline and high pulse! The perfect activity for the whole family.

BOUNCE is a universe where walls become floor and the law of gravity is repealed. In BOUNCE, you will find trampolines for all ages and skill levels, an X-park where you can climb various obstacles like a Ninja Warrior, and a parkour track where you can practice your tricks. In BOUNCE, children (from 3 years), teenagers and parents get a shared experience, which involves both laughter and joy.


What is BOUNCE?

BOUNCE Denmark is a fun, exciting and new concept within action sports and fitness. BOUNCE is an international sensation founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2012, and since then BOUNCE has spread all over the world.

The adrenaline-filled arena is known as one of the world's best indoor adventure parks and houses everything from trampolines to parkour and free-running areas, dodgeball, slam dunk and their unique obstacle course X-park. Here, both young and old can find challenges and activities that fits exactly their level. Whether you are a trampoline master or want to try out your parkour skills for the first time, you will find it all in BOUNCE.

Remember to book an appointment!

With its colorful universe and fantastic atmosphere, BOUNCE is a popular destination for the whole family. Therefore, remember to book an appointment from home - then you are sure that there is room for you when you arrive! Read much more about prices and times at:

Cinema-fun in a class of its own!

Nordisk Film Biografer Field’s is a 9-hall modern cinema complex in extension of Field’s. The cinema is packed with lots of digital services, Frozen Yoghurt as an accessory to your mix-and-match sweets, halls with the best comfort and steep incline on the chairs - and of course first and foremost all the good movies, the best atmosphere and a staff that is looking forward to welcoming cinema guests. In addition to the regular film program, the cinema also offers special screenings such as. satellite-broadcast events, previews, opera cinemas, broadcasting of sporting events and concerts and much, much more.

Remember to order your tickets!

If you want to secure the best seats in the cinema, we recommend that you book your tickets from home! Read much more about movie-times, prices and experiences at:


Events for the whole family!

Throughout the year, Field’s focus is on creating fun, educational, entertaining and valuable events for the whole family. Whether it is trick’n’treat for Halloween, Easter hunting in the stores or holiday activities like holiday-tickets for children, Field’s has it all.

At Field's, we focus on offering events for all ages and target groups - therefore you will also experience everything from gamer events to beauty or children's events. Keep an eye on Field's website or follow Field's on Facebook - here all events will be announced well in advance, so you can plan your time with the family!