Frequently Asked Questions

Is there luggage storage in Field's?

Field’s has no storage boxes or other storage options for larger luggage. Bilka has some smaller storage cabinets for handbags, carrying bags, outerwear, and possibly small cabin suitcases and sports bags. The storage boxes are located to the left of the kiosk in Bilka, behind the Telenor station.

Does Field’s have a Baby Lounge?

Field’s has a Baby Lounge, which is situated on level 2. In our Baby Lounge, you will find everything from breastfeeding cabins, good facilities with high chairs, tables, sofas, play corner, changing facilities, microwave and toilets for both children and adults.

Can I bring my dog ​​to Field's?

It is not allowed to bring your dog to Field's. This also applies if they are in a bag. Only guide and service dogs are allowed.

Where is there disabled parking in Field's?

There are two disabled parking spaces on both P1 and P2, in the B area, very close to the B lift. There is no discount on parking if you are disabled - you pay like all other customers.


Are there charging stations for electric cars in Field's?

There are two charging stations on both P1 and P2, located between the B and C area. The charging stations are marked in green on the columns in the parking basement. It requires that you are registered as a customer at Clever. Read more here: https://fields.steenstrom.dk/services/elbiler/

Can I charge my cell phone in Field's?

In Field's, it is possible to charge your phone if you bring your own charger for socket or USB connector. The seating areas at Zara and Esprit are equipped with sockets and USB.

How do I get a key to the disabled toilets?

Since 1 June 2020, the disabled toilets have been locked, and the key can be handed out by contacting the Information.

How do I contact Field's?

If you have any questions, complaints or praise, you are welcome to contact us at mi.fields@steenstrom.com or on +45 70 20 85 05.

Where can I Buy Field's Gift Cards?

Gift cards can be purchased in Field’s Center information or online at https://www.shoppingcentergavekort.dk/.


Where are the ATMs in Field's?

There are two ATMs in Field’s. There is a Nordea ATM on level 1 at Orion and a Nykredit ATM on level 2 at Sport24.

Where is Balletkompagniet in Field's?

Balletkompagniet is situated on level 3. To get to Level 3, take the lift to Level 1 and then take the lift between Tiger of Sweden and Brunns & stengade to Level 3. The nearest entrance is the Bilka entrance from Arne Jacobsens Allé. If you arrive by car, park near the C-tower.

Where is Bilka's goods delivery (BilkaToGo)?

Bilka's goods delivery is situated on P2 C. Take the B lift down to P2 and go as far to the left as possible, but look to the right.

Where do I find the A, B C and D lifts from level 1?

  • The A lift is by Søstrene Grene.
  • The B lift is behind the Information.
  • The C lift is right after H&M and Sketchers, as well as on level 2 right next to Nachos. The C elevator does not stop on level 0.
  • The D lift is outside at the exit at the pharmacy and over on the other side (P-Syd)

Where can I find Flextrafik at Field's?

Flextrafik is parked at the Flex-station on Ørestads Boulevard at the bus stop for bus 33.

Where can I find Instabox in Field's?

Instabox is situated on P1. Take the A lift at Elgiganten on level 0 down to P1 and go left when you get off the lift.

Can I borrow a stroller from Field's?

In Field’s you have the opportunity to borrow a comfortable and safe stroller for your child. Contact Field’s Information on level 1 if you want to borrow a stroller. It is free to borrow a stroller.

Can I borrow a wheelchair at Field's?

In Field’s, it is possible to borrow a wheelchair free of charge upon submission of ID as a deposit. The wheelchair must be handed in a little before 20:00, when the center close.

Where can I park my bike at Field's?

When you take the bike to Field’s, you can park at the Metro entrance on Ørestad Boulevard and at the entrance to Bilka OneStop.

In Field's it is also possible to park your bike under a roof. The entrance to the bicycle cellar can be found at the Metro entrance next to Nordisk Film Biografer, on Ørestad Boulevard. In Field’s bicycle cellar you can e.g. get your water bottle filled and there is the possibility of making minor repairs. In the bicycle cellar, there are also sockets set up, so you have the opportunity to charge the battery on your electric bicycle.

What are the general guidelines in Field’s?

For the sake of our customers, we at Field’s have set out some general guidelines that help to ensure a good and safe shopping experience for our customers:

  • Roller skates, skateboards and similar are not allowed.
  • Smoking is not allowed.
  • Bicycles are not allowed, but must be parked at the Metro entrance on Ørestad Boulevard, at the entrance to Bilka OneStop or in our bicycle cellar, which is situated at the Metro entrance next to Nordisk Film Biografer, on Ørestad Boulevard.
  • Alcohol may not be enjoyed in the common areas, but is allowed in connection with purchases in our restaurants.
  • You can bring your trailer to Fields for free. You only have to pay for your car. Read more about parking in Field’s here.
  • Dogs are not allowed. This also applies if they are in a bag. Only guide and service dogs are allowed.

Any instructions from the mall's security staff must be followed at all times, so that we ensure a good atmosphere in the mall's area.

Who should I contact if lost something in Field’s?

If you have forgotten personal belongings in Field’s, you can contact Field’s Center Information on level 1. If you have forgotten personal belongings in Bilka or Magasin, please contact their customer service.


Can I get access your video surveillance?

In Field’s, video surveillance is only handed out to insurance companies or the police. If there has been any damage to your car, please report the damage to your insurance company or the police, who can then obtain the surveillance through Field's security center. The video surveillance is stored for one month, after which it is automatically deleted.

Where can I print photos and documents in Field's?

In Field's you can print both photos and ordinary documents at Børne Foto on level 2.

Where is Dentist Plus1 in Field’s?

Ørestad's only dental clinic is situated in Field's. The clinic rooms are bright and welcoming and are equipped with new treatment equipment. The clinic is located on the second floor with an entrance by Bilka and there is a lift all the way up. Opening hours are very flexible. If you have an urgent need for the dentist, you can get an appointment the same day if you call before 10.00 AM.