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The store will open on the 27th of september

In HEAT & VAPE by SMOKE-IT you will find a wide range of smoke-free products for the adult smoker. We have an offer for all those who would like to continue to enjoy nicotine products, but who are looking for better alternatives that are less harmful than regular cigarettes.

HEAT & VAPE by SMOKE-IT is a collaboration between Denmark's leading e-cigarette company, SMOKE-IT, and Philip Morris, who has developed the smoke-free alternative, IQOS, one of the world's most advanced electronic products for heating tobacco. SMOKE-IT has a wide range of e-cigarette products that do not contain tobacco. While IQOS is based on real tobacco that is heated instead of burned, which means that there is no smoke, ash and cigarette smell.
A smoke-free future
In HEAT & VAPE by SMOKE-IT we will change the traditional experience of smoking and create a smoke-free future - for the benefit of all. See our large range of smoke-free products in the store.

If you are not a smoker today, then do not start. The best thing you can do as a smoker is to stop smoking. If you do not stop, switch to smoke-free alternatives such as e-cigarettes or heated tobacco.

HEAT & VAPE by SMOKE-IT will ask for picture ID og will only sell to adults over 18 years.  


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