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Toys'R'Us in Field’s

Toys'R'Us has a huge selection of toys from floor to ceiling! We have toys for children of all ages - from baby toys to toys for schoolchildren. We also have games, electronics and much more. Here neither children nor adults goes in vain.

Toys from floor to ceiling

It's almost like a wonderland for your kids when they visit the store and can find everything from indoor to outdoor toys. Of indoor toys we recommend our wide range of BRIO wooden toys, toys from LEGO and Barbie toys. Of outdoor toys, we can recommend our different slides in many sizes and designs, jumpers, colorful playhouses, electric cars and much more. We also have rocking racks, sandboxes, scooters and bicycles, so there is something for every age group. With us there is ample opportunity to be inspired for lots of creative play and enjoyable leisure for both children and adults.

We have items in different price groups so you can just come by and buy smaller items or find gifts for your child, grandson or nephew / niece. We are pleased to welcome so many children and their families with quality toys that create a lot of good hours.

We also have a wide range of digital items, such as computer games and game consoles. We also offer lots of board games and puzzles. For schoolchildren we have school bags and school equipment / accessories for a happy and safe schooling.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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