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Peak Performance in Field’s

Peak Performance is a quality clothing brand for sports and leisure. It emphasizes the store in Field's, which is a must for anyone with an active lifestyle and who loves to be out in nature. We have clothes that combine functional design with simple and cool design. There are eye-catching clothes without being "too much" or boring. We give you sportswear that gives you confidence and makes you feel comfortable when you work out.

Our sports selection

We have great sports clothes for both men, women and children and teenagers. We have sporty jackets, anoraks and various pants and blouses - for both workout, everyday or for example skit. We have nice ski equipment, so you can feel well dressed for skiing holidays. Do you enjoy running or playing golf, we also have the right clothes. The same goes for hiking, cycling or just relaxing in nature and enjoying yourself in comfortable clothes.

We are looking forward to guiding you about the latest trends in sportswear and showing you all of our quality products.

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