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Magasin Mad & Vin in Field’s

At Magasin Mad & Vin you will find the most delicious chocolates, homemade creamballs, gourmet ice cream, Bülow liquorice, Magasin coffee, Kusmi the, the from T Town and many other luxury items.

Always an experience to visit Magasin Mad & Vin

It is always an experience to visit Magasin Mad & Vin. Occasionally we have events or competitions where you can win delicious quality products. We also have theme items in the store - etc from the USA or Iceland, so you can taste the specialties from the countries we choose to focus on for a time. We are constantly trying to renew our range of new quality labels from different countries. When we get new items home, we also sometimes have free tastings. We therefore try to be the shop for those who not only want to overcome the purchases, but want the pirate senses along the way.

Magasin Mad & Vin is for those who want to have small food experiences in their daily lives and do not want to compromise on quality.

Visit Magasin Mad & Vin on Level 0, in Field's.

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