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Magasin in Field’s

Visit Magasin in Field's if you want a wide range of clothes, home items or a wealth of gift items.

Magasin has 2 floors filled with a wide range of international fashion brands, skin and scent care and interior. Here you will find all the new, the perfect gift and delights in the form of chocolate and other sweet stuff.

Gift Certificate and 30 Day Return

We have 30 days full return, so you always have the freedom to regret a purchase or return a gift. Our gift cards are also popular, as most people can always find something in Magasin. Here is something for both women, men and children. Here is something for all ages and Magasin is the focal point for many families when shopping. Annual Christmas Trips for Magasin or Summer Sale - We gather children and elderly for pleasant shopping experiences.

Get help with your perfect look - Try Magasins Personal Shopper

- Get free expert assistance
- Save money on wrong purchases
- Get guidance for your personal style
- Get a wardrobe that fits together

See you in Magasin Field's!

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