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At Imerco Home you will find, in addition to the regular range from Imerco, a larger and more interchangeable range of housing, design, furnishings and gifts. With a visit to us, you are always on the latest in interior design. It is here that you find the little smart bookcase, colorful decorative pillows, modern shades and other delicious things for the home.

We are a popular gift shop as we pack your gifts very nicely and have popular gift items, such as Mussel-painted porcelain and Grand Crú café glass. In addition to things for the home, we also have beautiful things for the outdoors.

Designer goods and good advice

We have many different design brands, so you can collect frames from selected designers. We have the well-known classics - the latest in shape and function - and advice that helps you choose the right one.
We are passionate about smart design and practical housing solutions, so ask us if you have questions or want help

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