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Hairdresser ID4U in Field’s

Hairdresser ID4U in Field's is a creative team consisting of students and not least assistants, who have all completed the 4-year hairdressing program. ID4U has sole employees with state-recognized education.

Our employees are always up to date with the latest trends in style and fashion. Of course, this also applies to fashion. The store is headed by our Sales Manager, who regularly monitors the skills and knowledge of the individual employee. It is important for ID4U that our customers get a quality and at not least good service experience when choosing us as a customer in ID4U.

Comfortable hairdressing experience

Take a seat and we offer tea, coffee and a little chocolate. We also have free wifi so you can spend your hairdressing time as a small break in everyday life. We also have a drop-in concept for you who want to slip by us for a hairdressing day, but have not ordered time in advance. You can hereby seat in our salon and wait for a free time. It is an advantage for you who are busy and often find out last minute before. The drop in concept gives a little wait, but in return you also get your cut cheaper.
Remember that you can always order your hairdressing time at

We look forward to seeing you!

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