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Frellsen Chokolade in Field’s

Do you want quality chocolates or find a nice host gift? Then visit Frellsen Chokolade in Field's. At Frellsen Chokolade we have many loyal customers who love our handmade chocolates and amazing ice cream. We use the best raw materials and we have been doing this since 1897.

Frellsen Chokolade

Our products are made os quality and we are specialized in a wide range of quality products. For example, taste our unique and tasteful coffee, our homemade chocolate or our other delicacies. We manufacture chocolate hand made, so we can provide the customers with the best quality.

Coffee and tea

Our coffee is also a chapter by itself. We import the raw beans from all over the world. Then we mix, shake and grind the beans. You can always find the coffee blend that falls into your taste, because we have different degrees of grid and grinding. Do you want coffee specially for stamp cans, we can do it, as we do other wishes for the coffee. We also have Fairtrade branded coffee.

We also have a large selection of our loose-weight teas. We have Frellsen The, but also an ecological series from Numi.

Our staff are passionate about our chocolate, coffee, tea and other products.

Come over and talk to us about which chocolates we can recommend to your liking or find a nice chocolate gift for the birthranger or the hostess.


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