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Ecco/v. Skoringen in Field’s

If you love Ecco shoes, you can visit Skoringen in Field's, where there is a whole section for Ecco shoes. Here you can always find the current Ecco collection, including the new Receptor range, that are shoes with specially designed soles for you who want the absolute best comfort and support for your foot.

We recommend that you take a look at our many opportunities for leisure shoes when you are in Field's. We have something that could be the optimal shoe buy in your active life. For example, we have a lot of hiking, sandals, boots or boots that will be indispensable, for example on a hiking trips or long walks in the woods at home.

We have not only practical traveling shoes. At Skoringen you will find good shoes for happy feet for the whole family - from hot party shoes to comfortable everyday shoes. The skating allows you to emphasize your personality, change the type, play with the style and explore the fashion.

Good advice about Ecco / v. Skoringen

Do you want feet that can breathe in the summer heat, keep warm in the winter or do you want shoes that hold the rain and debris of the fall? Then visit Skoringen and hear what we can do for you. We provide you with professional advice that benefits your health and we can also advise on the choice of care products for shoes, correct choice of soles, accessories, etc. We help you with professional expert knowledge about shoes for both children and adults.

We are looking forward to seeing the whole family in Ecco / v. Skoringen.

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