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Bilka OneStop in Field's is opening from 6.00-24.00 every day


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Bilka Onestop in Field’s

Visit Bilka Onestop if you want to experience one of Denmark's most modern hypermarkets. With its 12,000 m2, there is enough room to find the groceries and specialty items you like.

Here you will find over 100,000 items. You will find fresh fruit & vegetables, fresh fish every day, delicacy goods, handcrafts, textiles and fashion, electronics, apple products and much more.

Bilka Onestops own bakery bakes all bread from the bottom and is baked every day so the baking goods are always 100% fresh. If you want a good cup of coffee after shopping or after you've been past the baker, you can visit Starbucks in Bilka Onestop.

Do you want some extra delicious takeaway food on your way home from work? Then you can also do that in Bilka Onestop. In July 2013 Sushi Deli started up in Bilka Onestop, which is a takeaway chain of sushi shops. Fresh sushi is made all day, and they also welcome special wishes etc. parties.

Make your best buys in Bilka OneStop

We understand that Bilka Onestop is a popular hypermarket. You'll find great deals, quality products and items for any occasion. Our shop assistants are always ready to help you find the right items or if you want to ask them for advice on certain items.
We welcome you in our modern hypermarket all days, so never go in vain.

See you in Bilka Onestop!

Opening hours:

24 hours a day.

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