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Telephone hours Tuesdag and Thursday from 10-11.The studio is only open when there is training, which vary from day to day.


71 99 38 31

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Are you or your children dreaming about going to ballet? Then visit Balletkompagniet in Field's.

Balletkompagniet is a ballet school, where it is taught in classical ballet for all. We work seriously and focus on developing all our students without stiffening. It must be fun to learn the ballet!
Throughout the ball you get self-confidence, you learn to take responsibility and to cooperate. Dance ties us together regardless of age, gender, background and ability. Ballet training is a fun and creative form of exercise that makes you rank and strong - but that also strengthens the concentration and the musical ear. The ballet company creates experiences for children and adults who are strengthening and developing through a fantastic community, training and performances.

For children and adults.

Balletkompagiet ballet school is for everyone. We have teams for both children and adults. We think it's never too early or too late to start the ballet. We have teams for beginners, well-trained and experienced at all ages. The purpose of the teaching is that it should be fun and educational, no matter how busy or old you are.
Balletkompagniet is owned and managed by Helle Keis, who has been doing ballet school for the last decade. Helle has 15 years of teaching experience and her background is from The Royal Danish Theater Ballet School, Dansescenen's Juniorkompagni and Gothenburg Ballet Academy. Our trainers are all educated ballet dancers. We provide teaching in the highest quality.

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Phone : 70 20 85 05