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BabySam in Field’s

NB! Thursday 7th of September BabySam is opening 11 o'clock because of status.

Come and be inspired by a huge selection of clothing, toys and much more for your child in BabySam's beautiful new store in Field's.

BabySam is among Scandinavia's largest when it comes to baby gear. As the largest retailer of baby clothes, baby toys and more for the very young, this is a shop with traditions. Since BabySam started back in 1973 the range has been bigger, nicer and the employees more qualified. At BabySam you will get expert guidance, for example if you need to buy car seats or a pram.


A huge selection

BabySam has everything you need for your baby's wardrobe. Baby clothes have to be comfortable and thoughtful function clothes designed for small sizes. Material is selected for the maximum comfort for your child.

In BabySam you will find plenty of equipment for your child's room so you can create a fun and creative environment for your child. BabySam's selection have the building blocks to create an exciting and complete children's room in a modern design and stylish colors.

At BabySam you will get competent advice. Our employees do not compromise with BabySam's values of safety, security and accountability. 

Explore BabySam's exciting new store in Field's and find plenty of inspiration and quality for your child's wardrobe, room or everyday at home.

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