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At BR, they want to give customers a unique experience. Shopping in BR should be exciting and inspiring - with lots of fun surprises for children. Therefore, their store is large and spacious - so there is plenty of space and room for play, speed and trouble.
They have a large assortment of toys, games and equipment for children of all ages - and always at great prices! You will always find the toys that are in vogue. They will be first with the latest trends. This means that their small customers always find what is the trend in the kindergarten or school, when they are visiting BR. From Lego, dolls and star trackers to skateboards, modeling clay and beads.
The BR brand was established in 1963 under the name BR-toys after founder Børge Rasmussen. Later the name was changed to Cousin BR. Today is the name BR and the chain owned by Salling Group. There are a total of 26 BR stores across the country.

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