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The South Indian

Indian food in Field's | Welcome to The South Indian

At The South Indian you have the opportunity to experience authentic South Indian food made from the best ingredients and from a proud food tradition. Come on in.

The South Indian - Indian food in Field's

Do you like delicious, spicy taste of real Indian food? Then you do not have to go to Delhi, Calcutta or Mumbai. Experience authentic South Indian food at Amager - take a break from the shopping trip and indulge in The South Indian at Field's.

Chetinad is a lively, historic trading area in southern India. Translated into Danish, the word "master chef" means the very intriguing food mission at The South Indian: delivering authentic South Indian food of the highest quality.

Since The South Indian opened on Godthåbsvej 12 in Frederiksberg in January 2015, they have spoiled Copenhageners with the aromatic and spicy taste of real South Indian food and we are pleased that we now also have the opportunity to indulge in the taste of India in Field's at Amager.

South Indian food

Chetinad is the finest in Indian food and is famous for the use of exciting spices in the preparation of the food - especially meat, fish and chicken. At the South Indian, they love the proud South Indian food tradition and food made from the bottom without the addition of artificial dyes. Come inside and experience the taste of India in the middle of Amager. We are looking forward to pampering at The South Indian.

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