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55 78 80 75


Starbucks in Field’s

After shopping you can visitStarbucks. Here you get quality coffee and can have a nice time with friends or family. Starbucks Coffee Company has been doing quality coffee since 1971, so it's a coffee brand that is well-known.

Coffee, lunch and cake

We have a large selection of cold and hot drinks and you can enjoy a light lunch or a cake for the coffee. There is opportunity to spoil your sweet tooth, but you can also choose healthier alternatives from our wide range of food choices. Try for example a croissant for your morning latte, a lukewarm sandwich for lunch or maybe a blueberry muffin for your favorite coffee in the afternoon.

In addition to a good cup of coffee or a cup of tea, you can enjoy an ice cold frappuccino, smoothie or a cup of hot chocolate.
You can also enter Starbucks to trade some quality coffee that meets up to carefully defined standards that contribute to the unique Starbucks experience.

Welcome to Starbucks!

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Phone : 70 20 85 05