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Gorm's Pizza

Gorms Pizza in Field’s

Do you want gourmet pizza on a regular Tuesday? Indulge yourself in Gorm's Pizza in Field's. It's the perfect place to meet friends over a glass of wine. You can also take a pizza along the way when you are on the go.
As a family of children it may be difficult to find the time to cook. It is therefore convenient to take a few quality pizzas home. If you buy gourmet pizzas for the family, you get easy and fast dinner, but the taste experience is something special.

Crispy pizzas and cosyness

The crispy pizzas are made on wheat flour or rye flour. The filling can be vegetarian, with thin potato slices or more traditional with Italian meat filling. You can also be lucky to find Nordic-inspired pizzas with for example smoked cheese. Occasionally, you can taste new flavors so you always have an exciting taste experience. Also look for the good sandwiches in Gorm's Pizza, try home-made pasta or the day's rustic main course. Order a glass of wine and enjoy pizza and wine with friends, family or colleagues. In Gorm's Pizza there is a nice atmosphere, so you can relax when you come from work or after shopping.

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