Restaurant & Cafe Dalle Valle at Field's shopping mall

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All week 10 - 22*Last order on food should be maked before 21:45


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Dalle Valle

Dalle Valle i Field’s

Dalle Valle is a modern café in Field's, where you will feel welcome as soon as you step inside. Here are families with children, singles, younger and older. Here you can meet with friends and families for cozy hours on a weekday evening. During the weekend there are also obvious opportunities to meet - for example, for a cocktail evening with friends, for birthday or for brunch.

Buffet at Dalle Valle

Visiting Dalle Valle gives self-indulgence in your everyday life. Eat an intense brownie on a Tuesday or snatch a sandwich and take it on the go. If you choose our buffet you can quickly get hungry. Or what about colorful drinks on a Saturday night? Whatever the reason, it's a good experience to get past. When you visit Dalle Valle, you get high service and good quality. You enter into a inviting, beautiful room where you immediately notice the good atmosphere. You are met by friendly staff and you will find a great selection on the menu. You can choose among salads, steaks, burgers and much more. Often you will also find great deals, so you even better can afford pampering. 

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Weekdays 10.00 - 20.00 / Weekends 10.00 - 20.00

Phone : 70 20 85 05