With 3000 parking spaces it is always easy to find a space.
First hour is free - 3 hours costs 20 kr

The parking basement is open from 05- 01.

Parking rules apply to both cars and motorcycles

The ticket can be drawn at the driveway - or you can insert payment cards at the entry and exit.
Tickets can be paid at ATMs.
Handicapped cars with a total height >2.30 meters please contact Field's Vagtcentral on phone: 3248 4483. Here you will be directed to a parking area outside Field's close to the entrance to Bilka and the rest of the center's 145 shops.
All other cars / buses with a total height of >2.30 meters can park at Kay Fiskers Plads opposite Field's. This parking space is not part of Field's and therefore neither the same prices nor rules for validation are valid.


1 hour: 0 kr. - 1½ hour: 5 kr. - 2 hours: 10 kr. - 2½ hours: 15 kr. - 3 hours: 20 kr. - 3½ hours: 25 kr. - 4 hours: 30 kr. - 4½ Hour: 35 kr. - 5 hours: 40 kr. - 5½ hours: 45 kr. - 6 hours: 50 kr. - 6½ hours 60 kr.

After 6 hours the price is 10 DKR per Commenced half an hour, but no more than DKK 150 per 24 hours a day.

If you lose your ticket, it costs 100 DKR

Take the car to Nordisk Film Biografer Field's - Guests at Nordisk Film Biograf can obtain 4 hours of free parking when validating the ticket in the cinema.

- Remember to get a ticket at the entryway to Field's underground car park. (Note: The validation offer only applies if you park on Field's own indoor parking spaces). That is, the validation offer is not valid if you park at Kaj Fiskers Plads and on parking spaces on Edvard Thomsen Road and in Edvard Thomsen's P-house.
- Validate P ticket by inserting it into one of our 5 P machines, which is set in the cinema at the end.
- After the ticket is validated, it must be inserted into the P machine only when you leave the Field's parking area.
NB: When using a credit card, the ticket can not be refunded.

Customers, who have been working out in Fitnessdk, can get another one-hour free parking when validating the ticket in the fitness center

For all discount arrangements, a p-ticket is required at the driveway and validation of the ticket can only be done once. Thus, no free parking can be obtained in both FitnessDK and Nordisk Film Cinema on the same ticket. When using a credit card, the ticket can not be refunded.

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Charging at JustParks parking facilities at Field's

Charging at JustPark's parking facilities in Fields is offered by CLEVER. Charges are available to all. If you want to use the charging stand, just require a CLEVER charging card.

Charges are included in CLEVER's public charging network, which counts more than 1000 charging points in Denmark, Sweden and North Germany. The charging card gives access to all CLEVER chargers. Find charging points on CLEVER's app here.

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