When you enter the parking lot in Fields, your car will be photographed and you will be automatically "checked in".
Therefore, you do not need to think about tickets or card registration when you park in Fields. You pay when you leave the parking garage. You do this in one of the payment machines, or you can pay via the app "EASYPARK".
Have you forgotten to pay? Or if you just want to pay after departure, you can do this up to 48 hours after departure. Pay via this link:





When you park in Fields, you can pay at one of the payment machines in the parking garage and the p-lobbies. On all machines you can pay by card by entering the car's registration number. On selected machines you can also pay cash. If there is a long queue on the machines, you can pay on the website when the parking garage is exit. You have 48 hours to pay for your parking after leaving the parking garage. Lack of payment entails a fee of 200. + Parking amount.


Maybe you already have the app "EASYPARK", which can be used in connection with parking in a large number of public and private parking spaces. You can download the app on Appstore or Google Play. In the app you register your car's driving license and card information, and you can now pay for parking via the app. When you park in Fields and pay with the "EASYPARK" app, enter area code: 4331. Parking stops automatically when you leave Fields - you do not have to actively stop parking inside the app.



Visit Enter your driver's license - then you will be able to pay for your parking with a payment card. Fill in your card details, tap on the approval and then deduct the amount from your account.



If you have problems, or if you have any questions about the new parking system, you are welcome to contact ParkZone, which maintains the parking system in the field at: +45 70 25 26 96 or  



- 3000 parking spaces in 3 levels

- 1 hour free parking

- 1 hour extra free parking if you sign up for MYPLAYS (register your license plate in the field Information on level 1, and you will receive 1 hour extra parking) - After that it costs 5 kr. started half hour. - Maximum height of vehicles is 2.3 m.

- Opening hours for the driveway in the parking garage are at. 5:00 to 1:00. You can always drive to the parking garage 24 hours a day. Parking is only allowed within certain places.  


The parking system is TV-monitored, but parking takes place in all respects at your own risk, and Fields accepts no liability in the event of an accident, theft or personal injury, car, equipment and effects in the car.  


Handicapped cars with a total height of> 2.30 meters please contact Fields Vagtcentral on tel. 3248 4483. Here you will be led to a parking area outside Fields near the entrance to Bilka and the rest of the center's 145 stores. All other cars / buses with a total height of> 2.30 meters can park at Kay Fiskers Plads opposite Fields. This car park is not part of Fields.


1 hour: DKK 0 - 1½ hours: DKK 5 - 2 hours: DKK 10 - 2½ hours: DKK 15 - 3 hours: DKK 20 - 3½ hours: DKK 25 - 4 hours: DKK 30 - 4½ hours: SEK 35 - 5 hours : DKK 40 - 5½ hours: DKK 45 - 6 hours: DKK 50 - 6½ hours DKK 60. After the 6th hour the price is 10, - per hour. began half an hour, but not more than 150 DKK per. day.


Take the car to Nordisk Film Cinemas Fields - guests at Nordisk Film Cinema can register an additional 3 hours of free parking by registering a license plate at the cinema.

The offer for registering a license plate does not apply if you park at Kaj Fiskers Plads as well as at the parking spaces at Edvard Thomsens Vej and at Edvard Thomsen's parking garage. Customers who have trained in SATS can get an additional one-hour free parking by registering the license plate at the fitness center. Customers who have visited BOUNCE can get an additional one hour of free parking by registering the license plate in BOUNCE. Free parking in both SATS, BOUNCE and Nordisk Film Cinema cannot be purchased at the same parking lot.

Charging at JustParks parking facilities at Field's

Charging at JustPark's parking facilities in Fields is offered by CLEVER. Charges are available to all. If you want to use the charging stand, just require a CLEVER charging card.

Charges are included in CLEVER's public charging network, which counts more than 1000 charging points in Denmark, Sweden and North Germany. The charging card gives access to all CLEVER chargers. Find charging points on CLEVER's app here.

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