Books and drafts are replaced with digital teaching materials and laptops in the new Media City in Fields.
Ørestad Gymnasium (STX) is a modern gymnasium where books and drafts are replaced with digital teaching materials and laptops.

Media, communication and culture are allowed to flourish, and Ørestad Gymnasium is the obvious choice for students who dream of a future in the media industry. The gymnasium has approximately 1150 students, divided into 43 classes. In the new premises in Field's, called Media City, students have access to professional camera equipment, TV studio, rockroom and cinema rooms where they can work with their media productions. In addition, there is also general education in the Media City.

The gymnasium's main building and administration is located on Ørestads Boulevard 75, obliquely opposite Field's.
We are looking forward to following the student's media productions, and if you want to read more about Ørestad Gymnasium click here
Welcome to Ørestad Gymnasium

welcome to Ørestad Gymnasium


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