Your City Car to and from Field's


Have you heard of Field's new collaboration with GreenMobility - Your City Car? They will help you make your shopping experience even better!

GreenMobility - Your City Car is your new and easy way to get to and from Field's!

Once you have set up your City Car's service, you will also be able to use GreenMobility - Your City Car's Hotspot in Field's parking garage P1A.

A GreenMobility Hotspot is a reserved place where you can always park your city car when you arrive, and always find a city car when you go again. Parking is included in the fixed low price, and you should not think of anything other than your errands in Field's.

But how does it work? You just call Field's guard when you reach the boom and then they will give you access in or out.

Have a very nice trip!

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