Miljø og samfundsansvar

Field's is very visible within the cityscape and therefore we also feel a great commitment to take part in the fact that you and our many other guests can make good choices and enjoy a shopping trip with a green angle on things. That is why we are constantly working to ensure responsibility for environment in Field's.

We practice "Good Choice" together with our owners Steen & Strøm. Environmental work is put into system through our "Good-Choice" program. As a customer, you can always be confident that we prioritize environmental and social responsibility high.

"Good Choice" - Steen & Strøm has launched a comprehensive program for environmental and social responsibility. Read more here:

We look after our common environment by:

Reduce power consumption and CO2 emissions,
Sort our waste and recycle as much as possible
Ask for environmentally friendly goods in our purchase.
Use digital marketing materials and print sustainable FSC / PEFC-labeled paper for the benefit of forest and nature when used.
Affect collaborators, suppliers, tenants and neighbors to take into account the environment.
In addition, we match each other by creating an atmosphere that makes it nice to be here - both for our guests and for the many employees in the shops.

The center's operation is certified according to ISO 14001 - see certificate here: 


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